• Orcollo Undefeated at Carom Room Fall Classic


    Early on, it looked as though one way or another, it was going to be over quickly.

    Dennis Orcollo and Johnny Archer met up in the finals of the $10,000-added Carom Room Fall Classic up in Benoit, WI, a 10-ball, bar table event held on the weekend of August 28-30. They broke and ran their way through the first five games of that final matchup, until, ahead by one, Orcollo jumped on Archer’s first dry break of the match to take a lead he’d never relinquish. The event, streamed live, by Ray “Big Truck” Hansen and his crew at PoolActionTV, drew 96 entrants to The Carom Room in Beloit, WI.

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  • Johnny Archer Break Technique Slow Motion

    Here is a break shot taken from one of the IPT’s challenge matches. Archer has one of the best breaks in the game of pool. This short video shows just how good it is.

  • Preacher Ron in a Trap

    Freezer needs 1 ball…

    This short segment is from a 30 hour gambling match between Scott Frost and Preacher Ron! Ron is pretty much in a trap here but makes an incredible shot to not only get the ball out of Scott’s pocket but make it in his pocket and then make a 3 rail shot to finish the game!!!

  • Shane Van Boening’s Break in Super Slow Motion

    Shot at 720p, 60fps then slowed down in after effects, final cut in premiere pro.

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  • Orcollo Undefeated at Carom Room Fall Classic

    Aug 31st, 2015

    Early on, it looked as though one way or another, it was going to be over quickly. Dennis Orcollo and Johnny Archer met up in the finals of the $10,000-added Carom ...

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  • Destiny’s Child

    Oct 10th, 2015

    Fulfilling the promise of his vast potential, Taiwan’s Pin Yi Ko wins the World 9-Ball Championship, dashing Shane Van Boening’s hopes of bringing the title back to the U.S. By Mike ...

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  • The Best Pool Rooms in Las Vegas

    Jan 5th, 2016

    Going to Las Vegas can mean only one thing: having an awesome time by playing various games! Why would you go to Vegas if not to have some fun at ...

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