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We offer a range of advertising opportunities to fit YOUR campaign:

Contextual Text Link

With this type of ad, we will send visitors to your site by linking from a word or phrase in our content that’s directly related to your business.

Contextual links work well because they do not LOOK like ads, encouraging more clicks from visitors.

Featured Sponsor Box:

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Banner Ads:

Due to a change in Internet marketing and a lack of interest in banner ads we no longer offer them.
We would be happy to provide more details on request.


Please note that all ads will be reviewed for suitability and we will only accept ads from companies offering “family friendly” quality products, services or information to our readers. We will not accept any advertisements from sites featuring “adult only” content, nor will we accept advertisements that may lead to a possible conflict of interests. The suitability of advertisements will be determined by the sites editor.

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