The Best Pool Rooms in Las Vegas

Going to Las Vegas can mean only one thing: having an awesome time by playing various games! Why would you go to Vegas if not to have some fun at casinos or pool rooms? You want to watch the scenery and the city? Go to Los Angeles or some other big city. Vegas is for games!

Casinos in Vegas are easy to find. Just follow the big streams of people entering the tall, beautiful hotels with fancy waterworks in front of them and the flashiest signs. But, you can’t play pool at casinos in Las Vegas, which is why pool rooms exist separately from casinos. You can’t even play pool at online casinos such as those at BlackDiamondCasino.co.za, the best ones for players from South Africa. You can find there lots of reviews and online casino bonuses. So, if you happen to find yourself in Las Vegas, these are the best pool rooms to visit.

Mickey’s Cues & Brews

This is one of the most inexpensive places to enjoy some pool action in Las Vegas. The tables are cheap, the drinks are cheap and there is a jukebox that you can use to play some pool with your favorite tunes in the background. It’s a great place for doing something fun after dinner with your friends or spouse. There are a lot of tables. The beer prices are especially right and the staff are really friendly. The only problem is that it can get really smoky after several cigarettes. But, if you are a smoker you will be happy to inhale all of that smoke due to the poor air circulation.


Gorilla Café

Gorilla Café is a pricey place, but it’s great to chill. There is even an internet café section with blazing fast internet connection with lots of today’s popular eSports games installed. You can even play PlayStation. Unlike most pool places, at Gorilla Café the staff seems to know what they are doing. Four of you can play for one hour for just $9 at very nice tables. You are even allowed to bring your own stick. Gorilla Café hosts regular tournaments and in such situations it can get very smoky too. Nevertheless, the place is very clean and great to hangout.

Cue-D’s Billiards

Cheap beer, jukebox, great for hangouts, lots of secondhand smoke, no table wait times, friendly workers, cheap hourly rates, just like a pool place should be. The genuine atmosphere is what visitors like the most with Cue-D’s Billiards and all of that at an affordable price. You will love the jukebox and the fact that it has virtually any music genre in it!


Good Timez Billiards

Good Timez Billiards is probably the best place to play pool in Las Vegas. It’s another inexpensive place with a nice full bar area unlike other pool places, clean tables occasionally with professional pool players so that you can learn a trick or two, and weekly tournaments. The owners are awesome to hang out with, and there are no people bothering you around. There are big and small tables, and there is a snooker table if you feel up to it. The best part unlike the other rooms in this article is that no smoking is allowed, which is why smokers will probably avoid it.