Korea International Championships, Day One

The Dragon Promotions event being held in Korea has finished a day of competition. Of the top pros in attendance, only American Mike Davis has been eliminated, defeated by Japanese player Goh Takami and then ousted by German Thorsten Hohmann.

Noteworthy players who have made it to the final 16 include Rodney Morris, Max Eberle, John Schmidt (who ran six consecutive racks against one opponent in an earlier round), young Korean player Seung-woo Ryu, Mika Immonen, Johnny Archer, and Charlie Bryant.

Many top pros who don’t often travel to Asia took this event as an opportunity to extend their trip to this area of the globe following the World Pool Championships in Taiwan last week.

Charlie Williams Steps Down as Dragon Promotions President

Charlie Williams and Dragon Promotions have announced the enstatement of a new president, Steve Choy, and vice president, Cindy Lee. Dragon Promotions owner and founder Williams, who started the company four years ago, will be handing day-to-day operations over to the duo.

Dragon Promotions currently produces such events as The United States Professional Pool Players Association Atlanta Open, The Patriot Cup, The Predator Central Florida Open, and the Predator Pro Poolschools. It also produces international events such as The Mezz Seoul Open and The Brunswick Korea International Championships, both part of the Brunswick Korea Professional Pro Pool Tour.

“I have hired these two new people to restructure and run DP. Their background in marketing and business will help DP grow much more rapidly and help DP provide better services to the pool community,” said Williams. “I feel completely confident in both their abilities
and I know DP is in good hands.”

Steve Choy, a graduate of the University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana, has a strong business background working in finance, marketing, and retail strategy. He is also a poolroom owner.

Cindy Lee, a graduate of the University of Illinois, Chicago, is a former marketing and forecasting analyst for Motorola.

“We are excited about the opportunity to be involved in the promotion of the sport of billiards,” said Choy.

Dragon Promotions’ next project is The 3rd Annual UPA US Pro Tour Championships in Los Angeles, Jan 4-9, at the Bicycle Casino. It will be an ESPN televised event.