Jimmy Caras placed in nursing home

Story by: Melinda Bailey – AzBilliards.com

carasJimmy Caras, World Pool Champion, oldest living Hall-Of-Famer and #10 on Billiards Digest’s 50 Greatest Players of the Century, had a stroke last week in Jacksonville, FL.

Jimmy was placed in a Nursing Home over the weekend and the first thing he asked the nurses was, Is there a pool table in here? Although Jimmy cannot walk or get out of bed now, he is still talking, joking and has all of his faculties.

Jimmy went to the poolroom in Jacksonville every afternoon that he could – even though his arthritis in his legs slowed him down. Jimmy turns 93 on December 17th.

Jimmy, who still loves pool but will now miss going to the poolroom everyday, would love to hear from fans and friends. Cards may be sent to his daughter’s house at:

Jimmy Caras
3619 Bridgewood Dr.
Jacksonville, FL 32277