Santos Sambajon wins Swanson Memorial

Santos Sambajon Jr. made his way through a record field of 192 players to win the 8th Annual Jay Swanson Memorial in San Diego, California.

Sambajon bounced back from an early loss to make his way through the one-loss side and defeat Ian Costello 13-5 in the finals.

Sambojon scored $3000 for first place, with Costello settling for $1800. Marshall Jung and Aaron Aragon filled out the top four positions.

Mike Davis Takes Reno Open

Mike Davis has taken this most recent Reno Open. He took the hotseat with a 9-7 win over Cliff Joyner, securing himself a change to battle feisty Filipino Santos Sambajon for the title Davis took an early lead in the final, but Sambajon fought back and pulled ahead, before a missed combination in the 13th rack turned the tides.

Davis clinched the victory on the hill, 9-8. His win earned him $12,000; Sambajon settled for $6,500.

Reno Open Underway

The 2003 Reno Open is down to 48 players as of 7PM EST on Friday.

The winner from last June, John Schmidt, is still undefeated and will play Jimmy Mendoza from Phoenix Arizona on Friday night. Other top seeds who are still undefeated include Rodney Morris, Jose Parica, Santos Sambajon, Jeremy Jones and Max Eberle.

The final winner crowned on Sunday will pocket $12,000 for the win.

Archer Wins World Summit of Pool

Southern gentleman Johhny Archer had a little something to teach the city slickers at the World Summit of Pool, at Amsterdam Billiards Club East in New York City, Oct. 8-12.

Archer triumphed over Santos Sambajon in the final, 13-5. Archer gained momentum as the final progressed, picking up speed and confidence with every game won. He produced seven break-and-run racks on his way to the win. Sambajon, who had a red-hot breaking game during his hot-seat match against Jose Parica, saw his inertia flag and his break fail in the final. After the score tied at 3-3, Archer took the lead and held it through the end.

Archer took home $12,000 while Sambajon settled for $6,500. Parica and Max Eberle took third and fourth, respectively.