Daulton Master of the Table

Shannon “The Cannon” Daulton punctuated his claim as All-Around Champion at the Derby City Classic in Louisville, Ky., Saturday night by winning the multi-discipline tournament’s 9-ball division. The 28-year-old Kentuckian, who had already clinched the event’s all-around crown prior to the 9-ball division finale, defeated Finland’s Mika Immonen, 7-4, to earn the $8,000 top prize. With his $5,000 prize as All-Around Champion, and $1,675 earned in the 9-Ball Banks and One-Pocket divisions, Daulton’s weeklong stay at the Derby City Classic garnered him $14,675. Jose Parcia, winner of the 9-Ball Banks event, was second in the all-around race. Buddy Hall earned he $5,000 One-Pocket title.

Sigel Back at the Table – and Back on Top

"Captain Hook" was back in action.

“Captain Hook” was back in action.

Pool legend Mike Sigel is back at the tournament table for the first time in nearly ten years. As a matter of fact, he is not just back at the table, but also back in the winner’s circle. Sigel took the top prize, a whopping $10,000, at the Senior Masters IV held at Steve Mizerak’s Billiards in Lake Park, Fla.

Sigel took a single loss, 10-8, to Buddy Hall early in the competition, despite pulling ahead early on with a 7-0 lead. On the one-loss side, Sigel pounded through seven straight wins to earn himself another chance at taking down “The Rifleman.” The final saw neither player gaining much of an advantage as the two living legends swapped the lead. Sigel put on a burst of speed to close it out, however, taking the last three racks for an 11-9 victory.